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The World Tarot Card "Khepri"

Mythology: The beetle is associated with the deity Khepri because of the nature of its habits. The beetle will roll mud or dung into a ball to create and environment in which it can reproduce her offspring. The reason this was associated with Khepri is in which the manner of the sun would move across the sky until it rested when the night began. When the beetles offspring was ready they would appear spontaneously, arising from their place of incubation and emerge into the new world. The god, Khepri, was associated with rebirth and was also tied into the solar god, Re. It was believed that Khepri would be swallowed by the moon goddess, Nut, at dusk and then each day Khepri would be reborn again just to be extinguished all over again at dusk.

Artist Interpretation: The world card has great significance to the cycle of events in full circle. In many aspects our perspective changes, whether in points of view, daily routines, and habits. This is the time to reflect on the entirety of those paths, to view the full circle of its outcome. This may be the time to consider new projects no matter the outcome or obstacles that you may come in contact with and to follow through completely.

This can also be the time to reflect on those you surround yourself with. Evaluate if you are the same person you were or if you have grown in a different direction that is more fulfilling in the end.


Circle: the circle above the beetle indicates the sun or world and is above the beetle to indicate a forward motion or direction. Also indicates the completion of things or to come to full circle of events.

Wings: offers protection, purity, attention to detail and strength to complete tasks

Blue: the stone lapis was often used to associate a connection to the heavens /gods.

Hope you enjoy the photos of this. This project is really enlightening. I overall felt a good connection with card and felt it was an excellent one to start my deck with. I look forward to working on this deck as i go alone and growing in the process with you all! I also had the pleasure of being contacted by another artist. His craft is jewel crafting, and he asked to recreate this piece. I will link the videos of his process on this as well. The final result was so amazing!

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