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Thunderbird and the Whale

So here is the most recent of works. I have another one I will be doing soon before I go back to my big project. I may have a commission soon as well. I really do enjoy mythology and the different beliefs of cultures around the world and that of our Native Americans. This particular theme was a chosen theme from one of my patrons that support me through Patreon! if you decide to become a patron you may get some questions in what you would like to see as well. Plus they get special goodies and so forth.

So on to the mythology behind this piece. So there are several variations of the concept behind the Thunderbird. They all have some in common factors, one being that the Thunderbird had concerns of his people starving and made efforts to save its people from death. This particular story was in my mythology bible I got a while back on amazon "The Mythical Creatures Bible : The Definitive Guide to Legendary Beings (Mind Body Spirit Bibles)" by Brenda Rosen. I highly recommend getting this if you want a good reference for lore and other creatures of such.

So here is the story. There was the whale in the ocean that was killing all of the other whales and was depriving the people of food and oil. The Thunderbird was concerned about its people starving so the Thunderbird flew over the ocean and down into the ocean and with a fierce battle below the Thunderbird had grabbed the whale into his giant claws and flew the whale above the ocean and dropped the whale into the ocean with a great amount of height. The whale hitting the ocean from such height was believed to be how the thunder was made.

Depiction of The Thunderbird was described as having massive wings the size of two canoes for each wing. These massive wings would pull the clouds together with each beat creating the storms. The flashes of light were created by the Thunderbird blinking its eyes and large bolts of lightening were believed to be snakes being thrown to the ground with force. Totem would have masks that were brightly colored carvings and the beak with be shown with curling horns and teeth.

Stay tuned for my next mythological being the Kitsune.

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