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Underwater Dragon - First Digital Painting and for 2019

So I have been absolutely terrible with doing blog posts! So this year I am going to try my best to make more posts in my blog this year!

So this is my very first digital painting. I had been pondering whether or not I wanted to invest in a tablet of some sort to try my hand at digital painting. I see so many amazing artists who make astonishing works via digital. Since I didn't have much knowledge in this department I was going of ratings and other factors to try and decide. The other concern was that I wasn't entirely sure I'd use the work to its full potential or enough to balance the cost. I had been gearing towards the Wacom side. Little did i know my husband had plans for my birthday/Christmas this year to get me a tablet. So I got the newest iPad. So this is official my first solid go at making art digitally.

So I definitely had A LOT to learn yet. I did: however, get directed to a pretty awesome app for the tablet. Procreate is a full functioning illustration app that works pretty close to how photoshop does, but at the ease of using the apple pencil. I love that I can adjust the tablet to not recognize my fingers or touch commands to draw on my artwork by accident. Its taking a bit to really get the feel of it. I think the hardest part so far is understanding how the brushes and such work different than photoshop. For some reason i felt the paint should have been more opaque, but it works similarly to if you are water colour painting or painting in general. It takes several goes over the same area and how your brush is as far as thickness and whatnot to show fully. I felt it took me layering and blending the colors several times to get the full scale. Maybe I just don't quite get the setup, which is most likely the case. I have a bunch to learn yet in this new realm of artwork. I do still feel that I have gotten to paint close to what i do with acrylics. I do know that I won't be giving up my traditional painting in its entirety. Some loves you have to keep, but i do see myself using this platform more. I find the benefit of taking my work wherever I go super handy. The no mess clean up is great! When you paint there always is a mess of some kind, cleaning of the brushes, work space and wet paint on the work are just a few things. I hope you enjoy this piece. Was interesting seeing how it would develop.

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