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Sekhmet - Strength Card/Major Arcana- Working Cloth/Fabric Digitally

Updated: May 2, 2019

So this particular card was filled with new learning experiences. I learned how to work fabric and also fur. At first it was rather intimidating because I know how that all works when using physical paint, but for some reason it just seemed like a different feat digitally. I tried to clear my brain on thinking of it as some foreign platform because it does act like I'm painting, especially with the brushes I created in procreate to act like how it does when I paint with acrylics. I liked realizing I could also select and duplicate a section rather than having to create the same things over again. This allows me to repeat patterns and adjust them accordingly.

I am finding that the building of the gold feeling is getting easier to accomplish. I have set up color swatches and that also seems to streamline the process rather than trying to select the same similar colors. This is helping me also keep each card consistent. Since it's part of a large theme, I think it's important they all flow together. This card was really fun to create because of the challenge it brought. there is a ton of dimension to fabrics and getting that feel just right with lighting seemed like it would be difficult to accomplish. I am finding if I don't try to over think how to execute it, the process just seems to flow, very much like how my paintings go. A thing that I need to work around is how to work those really small details. It seems to be more difficult to view the overall details when zooming in because of the pixels being so small. I know that I have only been working digitally since December 2018, so I try really hard not to be too hard on myself and allow this process to move naturally. I think that's a struggle many artists experience is the weight of our own mind and criticism. We are way harder on our own work than anyone else is, almost to a fault. I am very particular on how my details look. Even with my paintings I have been known to scrap something I wasn't liking in the least. It's an urge I have to resist many times, as the ugly stages can make you feel like maybe it is not going in the right direction. Then there is this moment of sudden content, too a point, of how it feels and you leave it alone LOL!

I haven't written quite my impression of this card, but it has a strong sense of meaning. I wanted to exude a sense of a willfully strong and independent being that could command what needs to be done. Sehkmet was a fierce lioness in the Egyptian mythology. I hope you all enjoy the quick time lapse and image!

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