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The master of illusions the Kitsune is a clever fox. A magical creature who is also immortal and not two are alike. A creature known to be able to shapeshift into human form. It usually chooses a beautiful maiden or preist.  This mystical creature can shapeshift into other forms as well the older the fox becomes to cause their mischeif. For every 100 years they are alive they gain a tail, with the maximum being nine. There are the good forms of kitsune called "Zenko" this particular type tends to help humans in life sometimes with good fortune or other means of help, while there is "Yako", the more destructive and demonic type that lure men who are unfaithful. These also tend to enjoy ruining reputations and will lure men who are traveling, by seducing them,  into deadly traps in the forest. The stronger the kitsune the more they have the ability to specialize in their shapeshifting abilites, with the only limitations being their own imagination. Artist retains all copyrights. This is for personal use only. Not A being to be redistributed or includes shipping. If you are local please contact for more information and work out delivery. This also will lower original cost if you are picking up the order rather than having it shipped 

"The Illusionist" Original

  • 36 x 24 " Gallery Canvas painted with Acrylics

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